Coral Island- North Bay

North Bay Island:

In Port Blair, you reach the Port Blair jetty. From the Phoenix Bay jetty adjacent to a park with cosy sitting arrangements, the snorkelling and the coral enthusiasts can take a ferry ride. Visitors should reach Phoenix bay jetty, Port Blair before 9 a.m. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to reach North Bay Island from Phoenix jetty. The ferry tickets costs Rs.150/- per person and children below 5 years of age need no ticket. Video Camera or still camera has no extra charges.

Water sports are concentrated in the North Bay Island which is 10 kms away from Portblair and can be covered in a day trip. There are ferries connecting Portblair to North Bay Island and it takes approximately half an hour to reach the hub of various exciting water adventures.

There are several options to choose from

  • Dolphin ride, an exclusive boat built using Russian technology, known to be the only one in Asia. It is provided with a glass bottom and glides on the coral reef and gives you a glimpse of the colourful and mysterious underwater life till the depth as far as the sunlight can penetrate. So it unfolds before you approximately 20 feet of deep sea experience even without wetting your nails. This is especially attractive for people who are not courageous or fit enough to go for the more adventurous scuba diving, sea walking or snorkelling.
  • Banana boat ride – A long air-filled raft that carries around six or more people and is pulled by a speed boat for a bumpy ride cutting through the waves and surf. You sit with your teeth gritted and try your best to keep your balance till the speed boat swerves playfully dipping you into the refreshing waters.
  • Glass-bottom boat ride – These are small fancy boats fitted with glass bottom that glide past the coral reef and gives you a chance to peep into the colourful and exotic rich sea life of the beautiful blue Andaman Seas.
  • Jet ride – These are the master thrillers with a speed that kills. Go for a jet ride leaving a zooming white froth and take in the salty breeze and fill your senses. Hang on for dear life as the boat etches 45 degrees swerves. Not for the faint hearted!
  • Tube ride – Where you are perched precariously in a tube and you are again pulled by a speed boat. You bob up and down and gush through a white froth and trails behind a speeding motor boat crying for life and balance.