It is wise to consult the travel calendar and the online guides and check the temperature and climate before planning a trip to any coveted destination. That usually lessens the unpleasant weather surprises after reaching the unknown place. This makes travel less hazardous and much more joyful and hassle-free. While planning the travel tour and itinerary it is always advisable to give a brief look at the local weather and temperature conditions of the place and to go prepared especially when you are travelling with family.

Target the Annual Festive Extravaganza while planning for Andamans trip

The Annual Tourism Festival held usually in the month of January each year might be considered a good time to visit the beautiful islands. The vibrant cultural festivities along with brilliant showcasing of various talents of the local artists and performers from far and near add charm to the already famed beauty of the archipelago.

Andaman is usually very pleasant to visit during the winter months and the tourist season starts from October and continues till May. Andaman sees tourists almost all round the year. The captivating blue seas and the greenery of the mangrove coves attract tourists from all corners of the world all through the year.

The waters in the winter might not be as warm but then snorkelling and swimming along with other water adventures sports continue with equal fervour. During the months of October and November and also in March till May, the waters are actually refreshingly warm and rejuvenating.

Summer, Sun and Sands of Andamans

The skies remain pleasantly sunny and bright and the climate is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving, which are the main attractions for Andaman visit. The seas are flat and reflect the skies overhead joyfully in the crystal clear waters. Underwater visibility is near perfect which makes underwater activities a real pleasure.

Climate, Temperature and Weather Conditions in Andamans

Temperatures in the various islands are never extreme and ranges between 23 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The April to June temperatures vary from 24 to 37 degrees Celsius. From May to September the temperatures dip a bit and hover between 22 and 35 degrees Celsius. In the winter months, the temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Thus the summer temperatures are pleasantly warm and the tourist hubs such as Port Blair, Long Island, Neil Island, Havelock, Clique Islands, Smith and Ross Islands, Little Andaman, Baratang and Diglipur see a lot of enthusiastic crowd. The tourists love to bask in the golden sunshine along the golden beaches and enjoy the refreshing seas and exquisite beauty of the islands and the eco-marine life.

Monsoon Climate and Why it Should Be Avoided

It is recommended that Monsoons are to be strictly avoided while planning a visit to Andamans. The high tidal waves crashing the shores, the incessant pouring rains and the typically strong winds might cause a lot of inconvenience to outsiders not familiar with the harsh climatic conditions of the otherwise mildly seasonal Andamans. Andamans is situated in the Bay of Bengal seas and experiences a lot of extreme tropical monsoon climate with strong winds causing cyclones and deep destruction to life and property of the islanders.

The monsoon rage usually hits the islands of Andaman and Nicobar around late May and continues till middle of September. Low underwater visibility and disruption in all ferry routes are a common phenomenon.

Most ferries do not ply or are very irregular during this time. The underwater adventure sports along with sea-plane ride, paragliding and parasailing are all cancelled till weather becomes suitable once more. So you would miss out on the major fun part of visiting Andamans during monsoons. Moreover, the rage of cyclones hitting the island in the recent past has become major reasons not to travel to these parts during the monsoons.

Your Attire and Accessories as Part of Your Travel Plan

Choose your attire and accessories to suit the climate of the destination. For example, if you are visiting Andamans a pair of beach wear, swimming costumes, goggles to protect your eyes from the bright sunshine, a pair of flip-flops to waddle along the sunny beaches and lots of sunscreen lotion along with big colourful hats to protect your face and neck form the sunrays are a must. Light cotton clothes recommended during

Best Time to Visit Andaman by Months

Andaman in January
Winters are exceptionally pleasant in Andaman. It is a great time to visit this beach land of phantasmagorical beauty and allure. Since January ushers in a New Year, international tourists from all across the world travel to Andaman is search of an island paradise with blue seas and gentle waves for a great beginning to a brand new year. The weather is never extreme and remains calm in the month of January. With zero rainfall chances, diving and enjoying water sports become a joyful vacation engagement. The temperature remains warm and varies between 23 and 32 degree Celsius. The evenings are pleasant with nice refreshing breeze from the sea.

Andaman in February
Even though Andaman is said to be a perfect destination to be accessed any time of the year, yet the winter months from October to February is considered the best time. February has mild temperature and the weather remains absolutely favourable for a striking and merry vacation in these remote pieces of islands. Island hopping and water sports along with other outdoor activities can be enjoyed fully in the mild temperatures. The normal least temperature hovers around 22 degrees while maximum temperatures float around 30 degrees making daytime probably a bit warm for some. The peak tourist season for Andaman visit starts in December and ends in February.

Andaman in March
Andaman and Nicobar Island is a favourite tourist destination for travellers all across the globe all round the year. Andaman receives no major seasonal fluctuations and the temperatures remain stable and is always pleasant. Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island that extends from the month of November sometimes extends to mid-May. The warm summer is ideal to catch up with some warm sunshine and get a gorgeous suntan. Also water sports and soaking in the Andaman seas amidst the gentle waves become a joyful activity during the month of March. The sun remains warm and not too hot and thus diving and swimming are extra joyous during these times.

Andaman in April
Andaman remains mild and warm in April. Hence visiting Andaman during this time means soaking in plenty of sunshine. It is also a perfect time to enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities. Seas remains calm as there is no rainfall this time and island hopping or island transfer runs no risk of getting cancelled. Birding during this time gets to be an interesting adventure activity in Andaman. Tourists and wildlife enthusiasts visit Andaman in April for conducting researches on bird species. Andaman in April gives plenty of opportunity to watch the Andaman Green Pigeon which is the state bird and many more bird species in Chidiya tapu and the enigmatic Parrot Island, along with the best of Andaman sunsets.

Andaman in May
May is peak summers in Andaman and visit to Andamans during the month of May means catching up with plenty of sunshine. The average minimum temperature remains around 24 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature can reach approximately around 37 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season usually hits Andaman around late May and lasts until middle of September. So you can travel through Andaman during this time without having to worry too much about rainfall disrupting your itinerary. With minimum fluctuations in temperature and weather, enjoy the beauty of Andaman freely.

Andaman in June
Andaman has a maritime climate and thus never sees the extremes of temperature. By the month of April, the temperature soars to about 30 degrees Celsius and reaches almost 36 degrees Censius in early May. By the end of May, monsoon sets in. There are some sporadic intermittent summer showers even in the earlier part of the month of May. But by June, monsoon rains happen and continue till September. During these months, Andaman receives heavy showers. Though you might get very good deals in hotels and resorts since this is not the best time to visit Andaman, yet the water sports and travelling from one island to another might be severely disrupted due to heavy showers.

Andaman in July
Since July categorises as a monsoon month in Andaman, so July will receive heavy rainfall and thus outdoor activities and sports such as scuba divingsnorkelling, para sailing, jet boat rides and jungle treks and hiking might get hampered. The best time to visit Andaman would be in the winter months from November to February to enjoy the blues seas and the various water activities along with the beaches and the mild warm sun. The natural beauty of the islands remain mesmerizing and makes for an ideal time to visit Andamans. The bountiful showers and the rain drenched pristine coastline might make for a cool Andaman vacation in July.

Andaman in August
August also sees continued rainfall from the monsoon showers in Andamans. Thus August should be avoided especially if you are looking forth to reach out to the various islands such as Neil IslandBaratangHavelock Island and Ross Island. During the monsoons, due to heavy rainfall there are high tidal waves in the seas and the sea gets rough. Thus boat or ferry transfers often get cancelled due to bad weather. Also venturing out into the sea for swimming, sea walking, snorkelling, boat rides, angling, parasailing and various fun water activities might not be possible at all. August in Andaman is thus not a busy tourist season and so Andaman remains less crowded.

Andaman in September
September too falls in the category of tropical monsoon climate in Andaman. Andaman sees a lot of rainfall in September. Outdoor activities shall not be possible for tourists and travellers reaching Andaman in September. If you are having plans for visiting the other islands, the high tidal waves and strong winds might not make boat transfers from one island to another possible during September rains. But is it a good time to visit Andamans during this time as it remains less crowded without any harsh sunlight and scorching heat. Sea breezes blow and weather remains very cool. Enjoy the monsoon’s best gifts of lush greenery and reviving, freshness of atmosphere to the island during September.

Andaman in October
October marks the beginning of tourist season each year. The heavy southwest monsoon showers that have been shedding rains all the previous three months now move away by October giving way to pleasant skies and rain free atmosphere. Andaman looks cheerful and revived in fresh greenery after the rains. The islands look inviting, pretty and ready to welcome the tourists from far and near. Weather remains cool due to the intermittent showers. The local people look happy and cheerful with the promise of bountiful crops after the rains. With the end of monsoons, the scuba diving season begin and the water once more gets calm, clear and flat. The coral reefs start getting abuzz with plentiful marine life and make for a good time to enjoy underwater life viewing.

Andaman in November
November comes under peak tourist season in Andaman and remains bustling with travellers and tourists eagerly popping in to explore this wonderful land of powdery, golden beaches, shimmering turquoise waters and breath-taking views. The local people get ready to celebrate the upcoming festival season and also gear up to welcome the rush of tourists. November is a great time to visit the Andaman islands if you are a scuba enthusiast. You get to see the excellent and exhilarating views of under-sea marine life. The seas of the coastal areas remain flat and smooth without any wind and visibility remains perfect.

Andaman in December
Andaman is very pleasant to visit during December. Due to the Northwest monsoon, there blows moisture-laden sea breeze that keeps the weather cool. The intermittent rains keep the temperature pleasant throughout November, December and January. Tourists and travellers love to enjoy outdoors under the warm rays of the mild sun during daytime. Evenings can be a bit cooler and full-sleeve shirts and light-weight jackets are advisable. A nice warm shawl will keep the chill out in the late evenings. Explore the vastness and the exquisite diversity of the islands during December in Andamans. December forms a peak time for tourists with the cheerful bearing of the Christmas and New Year just round the corner.