Corbyn’s Cove Beach is situated in Port Blair, the landing point and the node of connection of Andamans to the other main lands. Hence the beech is crowded with enthusiastic tourists who have just started their Andamans vacation tour or by those who round up the tour with a visit to the Corbyn’s Cove Beach before leaving the islands after completing their trip.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach is just 8 kms from the busy city centre of Port Blair. The drive to the beach is exceptionally beautiful with the elevated lands to one side and the extended warm seas on the other side. The beach itself is flankedby lush green coconut palms. Take a lazy stroll along the beach and sip at the fresh green coconut from the shacks present on the beaches. Collect the beautiful pieces of knick knacks and souvenirs and mementos from the shacks on the beach side.

The beach provides ample scope of entertainment options. You can skim the lucid waters in a jet ski or a motor boat and feel the enchantment of the seas and the cool breeze. Laze on the beach with a relaxing drink with your friends at the quaint little café on the beach front. Take a dip in the refreshing waters. The beach provides clean and well-maintained changing room facilities. You can choose to stay at the beach side hotel to have a stunning view of the endless blue seas.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach does not stand much chance when compared to the far flung secluded beaches of the other scattered islands but it does provide a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle of the main island city. It is a must visit place while in Port Blair and is always included in the day sight-seeing itinerary. From the Corbyn’s Cove Beach, you can venture out into the nearby Snake Island. Snake Island as the name suggests harbours a lot of deadly snakes. This island is otherwise known for the beautiful corals, colourful fishes and rocky coastline. Motorboats connect the Corbyn’s Cove Beach to the Snake Island.


The Famous beach of legendry beauty, the pride of Andamans, this beach that is regularly splashed across magazines and travelogues is also known as the Beach Number 7.  The Beach was rated as the Best Beach of Asia by Times in 2004. This beach is connected to Port Blair by regular ferries and boats. Local buses connect the Radhanagar Beach to the local villages of the island. The beauty of the azure seas is breath-taking and the beach is fringed by the ancient dark deep woods. The deep green of the forests adds an extra enchantment to the location.

You can simply laze around in the secluded beach or settle down in the warm sands with your favourite book and a lazy drink. Intermittently, you can take a dip into the warm waters. At places, you will find heaps of broken shells and miniature dead corals which will fascinate you with their rich array of colours. The beauty of the beach is picture perfect and attracts a lot of international tourists apart from wide influx of Indian tourists. Radhanagar Beach in spite of being so beautiful and famous is not very crowded at any time of the year.

Sometimes if you are lucky you can even see the nesting and hatching of turtles. It’s a pleasure to watch the tiny little turtles crawling towards the vast seas driven by an instinctive force soon after being hatched. As you wander a little towards the right side of the beach access point, the silence of the woods and lullaby of the waves engulf you. At some places, you find the beach a bit rocky. You can see beautiful snails, molluscs and corals trapped in the puddles among the rocks. Sometimes, the beach is alive with a flurry of small sea creatures crawling all over the rocks at these rocky points. It is amazing to watch the little shelled creatures of varying sizes and shapes and colours moving about in all directions.


Havelock Island is a gem of tourist destination. It hosts some of the best beaches of the world. It is a natural paradise on earth. Located at approximately 39 kilometres from Port Blair and having a good connectivity, it is one of the chief destinations for the vacationers and travellers. After Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach which top the charts of popularity in Havelock, comes in line the Kalapatthar Beach.

This Beach has probably derived its name from the local village that is situated not very far away from this beach. Or maybe it is named because of its volcanic origins. Also it might have been named Kala Patthar because of the black rocks that are strewn across the beachside irregularly.

This beach is fringed by the beautiful blue seas on one side and the lush green tropical forests on the other side. The smooth silvery sands and the peace and solitude that prevail on the beach makes it a honeymooner’s delight too. A look at this beach and you will know that man respects nature and sometimes leaves it naturally beautiful without being an oppressive intruder. The beach shows no real sign of human interference and exudes a natural rustic charm.

The entry point to the beach after a refreshing drive through the jungles might be a bit crowded. Walk down a bit to the right or left from the entry point and you will get clutter-free zones that are calm and peaceful without much tourist activity. It is an ideal beach to enjoy the beauty of seas in isolation.

Some stretches of the roads that lead to the Kala Patthar Beach are undulating and the road runs almost parallel to the shoreline and is fringed by palm and date plantations. View the beautiful natural corals heaped along the beach line giving the beach an infusion of colours and beauty. A little distance away from the beach Beyond Kala Pathar Village lie the picturesque part of the Havelock Island with low rising hills, beautifully stretched paddy fields and banana plantations. It presents a picture of a warm quiet island life different from the tourist-infested bustling joyful noisy hubs.


Vijayanagar Beach is an exceptionally beautiful beach located in the beauty-famed island of Havelock. Havelock is among the must-visit places of Andaman tourism. Vijayanagar Beach is also known as Beach Number 5 and can be accessed from Port Blair via boats, ferries and cruises. This beach is just 38 kilometres from Port Blair. Vijayanagar Beach is a popular haunt for water sports enthusiasts. It is a perfect destination for going for a refreshing swim in the warm clear waters. The beach unfolds the exquisite beauty of the blue seas meeting the blue skies. It has the peace and solitude required to sooth tired minds.


Elephant Beach is a very prominent beach in the gorgeous and very popular island of Havelock. Havelock is one of the not-to-be-missed destinations of Andamans. To reach the Elephant Beach, you need to travel by boat for approximately 20 minutes from the Havelock Island dock. Elephant beach is known worldwide for its white sandy beach and the crystal clear liquid blue waters that offer a clear of the colourful corals just at a depth of less than a metre. Such is the uniqueness of this beach.

Elephant Beach is also very popular among tourists for being a hub of fascinating water sports and underwater activities. It is especially famous for scuba diving carried out by very expert and professional diving agencies.  The beach front is majestic and will keep you in trance for hours together. The warm waters harbour a rich variety of marine life and it is a genuine pleasure to watch the life forms inhabiting the underwater world.

This beach located in the Havelock Island will open up doors to rich coral reefs and astonishing underwater marine life that will keep you spellbound for long. The beach is idyllic and peaceful and sees a lot of tourists both domestic and international. A lot of honeymoon couples also prefer to visit this location to enjoy its exquisite beauty. The beach front is very suitable for relaxation with a combination of books, friends, family, drinks and food.

Elephant beach offers some adrenalin-pumping adventure sports option like diving, snorkelling, sea walking, glass bottom boat rides and sea cruising. The trees along the sea add to the beauty by mixing some enchanting green with the enticing blue of the seas and skies. The beach is almost always crowded but you can always find a secluded spot to chill out taking in the exquisite beauty of the sand, sea and sun. What remains today is a part of the previous glorious shore line after it was massively destructed by the Tsunami of 2004.


A lazy afternoon spent in the warm sands beside the light blue waters of Bharatpur Beach is a dream come true experience for every traveller in love with nature, especially with seas. Bharatpur Beach is one among the four prominent beaches of Neil Island. The moment one lands on the Neil Island jetty, one gets to have a peep at the Bharatpur Beach. Some 500 metres away from the Neil Island jetty, you get to see the beautiful boats lined up on the transparent blue sea waters on the right hand side.

This beach is worth visiting in the early hours of the morning. The beach exhibits beautiful coral reefs and provides an excellent opportunity to experience the legendary beauty of Andaman coral reefs. Bharatpur Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Andamans. It has a very good connectivity with Port Blair. Cruises and private boats operate at regular intervals from Port Blair to reach Neil Island Jetty.

Enjoy the cool breeze, the gentle seas, the peace and the solitude in the white sands of the beach. Enjoy the beach flavour with a book on a hammock. Choose a shady tree that lines the beach sheltering from the direct rays of the sun. Get a cool drink, sip a green coconut. Snorkelling can be extremely adventurous where you get a peep at the underwater creatures through your magnified glasses. Also the legendary glass bottom boats are ever ready to carry you to the joyful underwater journey through beautiful corals and other amazing deep sea animals. The clams and the sea anemones, the crabs and the lobsters, the angry looking Puffer Fish to the cute little Clown Fish, each one is as enigmatic as the vegetation around. Bharatpur Beach is one of the primary tourist attractions of Neil Island. It sees a lot of crowd all through the year. The white sands and the green margins make for an ideal sea viewing beach. The coral reefs are attractive areas for swimming.

It is picture-perfect beach and is popular among all tourists. It can also be ascribed as the best beach of Neil Island. It is beach where you can enjoy with your family. While you can amply laze around, the children can keep themselves very busy in the blue waters. The beach is a sort of a lagoon and has very gentle waves that kiss the shoreline. Shallow and remarkably clear waters extend till about 500 metres making this area idea for swimming.


Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island is another primary attraction after the Bharatpur Beach. Create a visual poetry of abandoned senses and gentle beaches, the warmth of the sunrays and the dazzle of the blue seas. As you gently tread along through the beach sands, you come across the lovely colourful heaps of dead corals and loads of sea shells heaped along the waterfront to entice and enamour the outlanders. This beach is known to a rocky beach and is not recommended for swimming into the swallow waters. But this beach provides ample scope of an enjoyable snorkelling session.

The beach is lined with beach shacks that offer delicious fried mixtures, namkeens, pakoras, fish fry, sea food dishes and maggi to go with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee or a chilled cold drinks depending upon the mood and weather of the tourists.

It is a memorable feel to get to the beach front a little before the dusk to watch the golden rays of the sun disappearing into the vastness of the ocean. Gaze at the changing colours of the sky every second as the sun goes for its daily downward journey. He visual treat is too fanciful to forego. The seas and the sands equally revel in the mirth of golden sunset and reflect the furious crimson of the golden sun to add to the enchantment. As dusk falls along the beach, the beach grows increasingly mysterious. With the sea relentlessly hitting the shores, the Laxmanpur Beach is a treat to senses even after darkness descends.

Watch the couples enjoying the sea view, the children playing with wet sands building beautiful castles, the elderly couple resting in some shaded corner and the some enthusiasts bobbing up and down wrestling with the seas. Watch the crowd increasing in number at sunset is about to fall. And sit in its shores to listen to the silence of the seas and the melting of the waves.

The beach is quite long and stretches enough to provide ample privacy to all who cares to visit its shores. As you watch the setting sky putting the sea and sand on fire, you feel that your day has been worthwhile. This is one of those beaches which you simply cannot miss while you are in Andamans.